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I Work With Clients Needing Help With:

Exploration of gender, sex and sexuality

Gender transition

Individuals and couples questioning their sexual and relationship practices, including exploration of kink, polyamory, flexible monogamy, and swinging


Grief and Loss

Chronic Illness, including AIDS/HIV, Hepatitis C, chronic pain,

cancer, MS, GB/CIDP, stroke and other brain injury, etc

Histories of trauma, including rape, war-time trauma, domestic violence and childhood abuse

Exploration of spirit, spirituality, intuitive senses



Therapy Approaches I Use:

Mindfulness Techniques, largely drawn from meditation and Buddhist philosophies

Psychodynamic techniques

Cognitive Therapy techniques

Systems Theory

Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change Theory

Internal Family Systems





$180 for 60 minute session




I accept the following insurance:

Minnesota Medical Assistance (MA)

Minnesota Care programs



Please download and fill out the following forms for our first session.

Client Bill of Rights

Confidential Intake Form

Authorizations and Signatures



Fax: 612-294-6767


All appointments are Telehealth only.

About the Name: I grew up in the Gold Country of Northern California, where the fiery-red Manzanita bushes grow like weeds. They are the first vegetation that seed after fires, and so in local Native American lore, they are symbols of growth and rebirth. As a child, I was mesmerized by the Manzanita, and as an adult, I have come to understand that they are a symbol both of my past and of things to come. 

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